Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 38

We went to the state fair! Yay fair!

Due to us forgetting to charge the car overnight, and then the kids resetting the charge limit, I have literally never been as happy to see a public charger as I was when we found this one at the fair grounds.

Davis was just barely too short for this line, but about 2/3 of the ride operators didn't care. The other 1/3 gave me a hard time, but he got to go on most of the rides we attempted.

The kids rode a lot of rides. We didn't manage to hit all the ones they could have gone on, but we did do most of them.

We also managed to do other things, like face painting.

And watching a couple of the animal shows; the 4H dog obedience trials and the draft horse show. We also went in some of the animal barns, but Davis got bored pretty quickly.

I got us all wrist bands so I didn't have to worry about how many rides they were going to let/force me on. It turns out I didn't need one. But I enjoyed the few rides I did do.

Moira has started wanting to be in more and more pictures. It makes me happy.

The kids went on their first roller coaster without an adult and had a blast.

Moira discovered the fun houses, and wanted to go on all of them. The fourth one we found was the only ride Davis was turned away from that she wanted to do without him. She had to drag him through them, but he had fun anyway.


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  1. That is literally Mikko's favorite roller coaster. He will ride it all day at any carnival or fair it appears at. I will not, but it's fun to see the enjoyment.

    The fair looks like good times, if hot. We have the same problem getting the kids to want to do anything other than rides.

  2. Fair fun! The fun house is a favorite in our family and the swings (which totally freak me out!).