Thursday, September 11, 2014

Learning about Children's Day in Japan!

For our homeschool group's party, we focused on Children's Day.

Carp flags
The kids got to make carp flags to hang outside their homes. While we were still partying the carps mostly flew from our fort. It was interesting to see all the different styles of coloring they did.

Finished carp
I keep trying to use my big dispenser of masking tapes for all our sticking things together needs, but it turns out that masking tape is not a great way to turn a sheet of cardboard into a roll. I forget what the winning solution was, probably staples.

We also did some origami. I had checked out some easy origami books from the library, but sometimes one would assume you knew how to do something, and then we'd have to cross reference and occasionally check the internet to figure it out.

Origami crown
Did I say some? I meant we did lots and lots of origami. I could have just put out the origami and called it good. Mostly we made balloons, and these little crowns. Once one adult figured out how to make something, they would show another adult, who would then show a child, and then that child would show other children, and then one of those kids would show an adult how. It was a lot of fun, even if I did get tired of blowing up the little balloons.

I made sushi, and plain rice and jasmine teas, along with buying some weird jelly candies from our local asian superstore. We also had mochi and cucumber salad. The kids mostly ate the rice, of course.

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