Thursday, September 18, 2014

Field trip to Fort Nisqually

What's this?
We took a trip to visit Fort Nisqually, which is the closest thing we have to a Colonial times museum out here in Washington. I did talk to Moira a little bit about the differences of life out here in the West during that time, and what was happening on the east coast. We ended up getting lost, and so we were an hour later then the rest of the group, but we caught up with them at the children's play area which is full of toys from the time period. There was a checkers set, a Jacob's ladder, puppets, hoops, and a couple of Games of Graces set. I'm probably forgetting stuff. There was seriously a lot to do in this area.

Playing hoops
Like jump rope! We tried really hard to help the kids figure out how to do this, but the rope was too long for a single small jumper and not long enough for a group thing. They had fun anyway.

Grinding coffee
Once the rest of our group started leaving, we headed off to see the other parts of the fort with the family that carpooled with us. The kids really liked this coffee grinder and we stayed in here for at least 15 minutes until fighting started to break out because the littles wanted to have turns.

The necessary
The kids were suitably impressed with the "necessary" and also a little aghast at the idea of having to walk that far from a house just to use the restroom in the middle of the night. They also wanted to know where people washed their hands.

We tried to see the blacksmith working, but he was busy explaining something to some older kids and ours didn't want to hang around.

Our friends have a farm, so the storehouse was a big hit, because Jahleel could find lots of things in there he recognized from home. Like the giant pile of wool.

They also really enjoyed the trading post. This volunteer was really on game and spent awhile trying to convince us to trade for some longer skirts, since we'd obviously outgrown all our clothes and Kimberly was reduced to wearing her husband's pants. The kids got to touch some combs and spoons made out of horn, along with toothbrushes and a bunch of other things.

Then we climbed to the top of the lookout tower and the kids chased each other in circles for a few minutes before we stuffed them into the car for the long drive home.

Our Colonial America party.

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