Monday, August 18, 2014

What we did last week (plus a little of the week before)

Moira and the turtle
We got to go to a release of Western Pond Turtles with the Woodland Park Zoo. Moira started out very nervous, which is what happens, but we had a conversation about how she always asks to do these things and then she lets her fear stop her from participating, and so she should either try touching a turtle or we should stop signing up for these. She opted to touch the turtle, and then decided that it was okay to hold them and let them go. So that was good.

Costume list
We got the Chasing Fireflies catalog and Moira circled half the costumes, then we made a list of all the ideas for her Halloween costume this year so we can winnow the list down. It's two pages long.

Assembling chairs
We got new chairs for our dining room, and the kids were very interested in helping me put them together. Moira was most interested in the little tools that came with them.

New hairdo
Moira really wants to grow her hair out, including her bangs. She's been having trouble with her bangs in her face, and also with tangles in her hair in the morning, so I have been encouraging her to let me use the barrettes and ponytail holders to help her. It only lasted a few days before she went back to long flowing free hair.

Making a smoothie
She checked out a Princess Cookbook from the library and wanted to make lots of things from it. I let her plan a dinner, and she did a big chunk of the actual work this time. Part of that was that Davis was trying to help so I was too busy to take over. But she also just was very capable this time.

Lunch at google
The kids were cranky that Walker was back at work, so we went to have lunch with him at Google. They always insist on sitting with him there.

Davis insisted we play Candyland some more. Lots more.

Coloring along
One time when we were playing, Moira decided to color a picture based on what cards we drew. I didn't catch all the details of her system.

Little builder
The kids helped me clean up their bedroom and play room a little, and I put Davis' tool bench back together. He was very happy because "I a builder!"

Perler beads
The neighbor girls came over for a playdate, and they all made perler bead things.

We found this volunteer sunflower, along with a little friend. Moira correctly figured out why the ladybug was hanging out on this sunflower for so long.

Moira's ladybug
Moira was annoyed that the theme of the parent/child nature class for this week was "Bugs and Slugs" until I pointed out that there were lots of bugs she likes. She really got into it.

Davis was a little slower to warm up to it, but he did enjoy finding bugs, and running around with Moira, along with touching this mushroom.

Moira also made the monkey bread from the princess cookbook, and got really into mixing the flour and butter together. She usually wants to wash her hands five seconds after she touches dough, but this time I had to make her stop.

Davis drew all over our roommate's white couch with a red pen. While the seat was getting washed, Walker suggested that he vacuum the crumbs out. Then he vacuumed everything else.

Mosh pit
We took the kids to their first non Folklife music festival, and Moira decided to try dancing with her friend. Then she didn't want to stop.

Building robots
When we got home the kids decided to make robots with the Ogobild. Moira made a spinning one.

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