Sunday, August 31, 2014

What we did the last two weeks

We were invited to a bike riding birthday party. Moira had a great time, Davis was sad because he wanted a different color party favor and refused to bike at all until we were leaving when he burst into tears because he wanted to ride. Being 2.5 is hard.

Cone of whipped cream
He did think the dessert offered was delicious. Rice Whip with sprinkles in a gluten free cone. All the kids had multiple servings.

Little flowers
We went to Remlinger farms with friends, and Moira and Davis tried to stick their heads in all the cutouts. They also wanted to ride all the rides, although Moira refused to go on the roller coaster, Davis insisted and had a great time.

Davis rides a pony
Davis also finally found a pony small enough that he was willing to try and ride it. I think it helped that there were bigger horses for older kids, so he had something to compare it to.

A shrimp!
We went to my favorite local beach, Jetty Island, but Moira was so worn out from the last couple of weeks that she couldn't have fun and asked to go home early. We did get to see a little shrimp one of our friends had found in a tide pool before we left.

Making sand creatures
Davis had an absolutely fantastic time, and I was sad that I had to take him away since it was the first thing he'd enjoyed all week. But he didn't seem to mind leaving either.

All the band aids
Moira bandaged up her many beach wounds when we got home, and seemed to feel better right away.

Let's bike!
I had a lot of canning to do this week, so my friend came over after we got home from the beach so we could work together. While the jars were sterilizing, we took the kids out for a little bike ride.

Reading a catalogue
Davis has started joining Moira when she's circling things she wants in catalogs. They are things that are for each of them, and then things to share, and they use a different color for each category.

Playing princess dominoes
Moira has moved from just playing with her dominoes to actually playing the game.

We forgot swimsuits
We went to another birthday party, but forgot swimsuits, so there was a lot of nudity.

Duplo slide
Davis says he built this all on his own, but I suspect he had a little help from Moira, because when it started falling apart, he couldn't put it together again.

Davis sergeing
I helped the kids make pillowcases, and they both got to use the serger for the first time. Davis has been paying attention while I taught Moira to sew, because he knew exactly where to put his hands.

Making patterns
I went to find Moira to ask her if she wanted to do something fun, but she asked me to wait because she was still busy with the pattern tiles. This sort of focus has been happening more and more often lately.

Davis loves shoes, especially these clippy cloppy shoes of Moira's.

Playing Castle Panic with friends
I was having a rough day, so my friend Jennifer brought all three of her kids, and her canning for an hour drive both ways to keep me company. We played Castle Panic with the kids, and I suspect I know what I should get her eldest for his birthday this year, because he really enjoyed it.

Tedious shoe buckling
Davis insists on pulling the straps on his shoes all the way out every time he puts them on. I guess rebuckling is skill he wants to learn right now.

Table setting
The babysitter came back after three weeks of vacation and the kids were ecstatic. Moira had a big list of things she wanted to do with Kelly including a fancy tea party.

Baking soda and vinegar
Davis really wanted to play with this little volcano we got from Little Passports, but we lost the bottom, so he had to compromise.

Captain Hook, playing the piano
Davis was pretending to be Captain Hook, and so this maraca was his hook. I'm glad he settled on piano playing as a Hook approved activity instead of banging on the walls.


My sister has being doing some journal prompts lately, and Moira decided that she wanted to do some too. They spent at least a half an hour on it, and Moira did lots of writing.

We put new batteries in our gear board, and that kept three whole kids entertained for quite awhile (the baby is a loaner). Moira is in love with babies right now, she kept following him around trying to get his attention.

New fish tank
We gave up on getting the smaller fish tank balanced so that it wasn't just constantly full of algae, so Walker went and bought a new one. It has plants and everything.

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