Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Google Family Picnic

We went to the company picnic this year, and there was more then twice as much to do as last year, even though it was the same venue. Of course, there were also much longer lines. I suspect the local offices have grown a lot more then I thought in the last year, but Walker was cagey about that, so I guess I'm not allowed to know.

Firefighter Davis
Davis got to be in a firetruck. When the firefighter asked if was a firefighter too, Davis said yes.

There were a bunch of inflatables, including a water slide they didn't get to go on because I left the bathing suits at home.

Get us more!
This was their favorite, There were holes in the side for adults to push the "boulders" into the kids.

Sand art
They got to make these sand art trucks.

Spin art frisbees
And spin art frisbees.

Pink kitty
Moira got her face painted, and opted for a pink kitty instead of the Elsa tiara 90% of the girls there were choosing.

The longest line, after the one for food, was for the paddle boats, but the kids were mostly okay with the wait.

Hula hooping
They played with the hula hoops while we waited our turn for balloons.

Kitty wand
This line moved much faster this year, because they had a different company doing it, and they only did really simple things. And they didn't want to give balloons to anyone under three, so I lied about how old Davis was. I'm pretty sure the clown knew I was lying, but whatever.

Airbrush tattoo
Moira also got one of the airbrush tattoos before we headed out. Because you can never have too many tattoos.

That's the pile of loot she got at the picnic. It was a little excessive. She's looking at the silly photos we took at the photo booth. I was wearing a green shirt, so when they added the cloudy background, my shirt turned cloudy too.

And Davis, of course, fell asleep. It was a good day.

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