Thursday, July 31, 2014

What we did last week

Doing the pizzles
We had a big weekend, and Moira ended up feeling horrible Sunday night because she didn't drink much water or eat much food Saturday or Sunday, so we took it a little easy on Monday and went out to lunch. For the first time ever, Moira did all the parts of the activity pack they gave her without asking for help.

Chiopstick practice
Davis practiced with his chopsticks after neither Moira or I was willing to let him pretend to eat us.

Hula practice
Moira was very excited to show off the hula steps she'd learned after we got home. She also decided to listen to Hawaiian music while falling asleep every night that week.

Teeny volcano
Our latest Little Passports package had a teeny volcano in it, so the kids spent awhile making itty bitty erruptions.

Davis and I went to Costco while Moira was at her dance camp, and helped me pick out this puzzle of the US. Both kids did amazing putting it together and then had a fight over which one of them got to lie down on it first. Moira spent awhile asking me the names of the states, but when she pointed at Mexico she said "I don't want to go there." before she knew what it was.

When we got home after dropping Moira off each day, Davis would run straight to the game shelf and pick one out for us to play. Fortunately, he got bored of Candyland about half way through our game.

Walker picked up some cleaner fish for out fish tank, and three of them died almost immediately. Good thing the kids hadn't named them yet.

Davis dancing
We've been watching So You Think You Can Dance. Davis loves to dance along by spinning madly, no matter what dance is being performed.

Moira sets the table
Moira likes to pass out the sea creatures from this puzzle based on a complicated system I don't understand. I always get the whale.

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