Thursday, July 24, 2014

What we did last week

I don't remember when I took this, but Davis has started to make up his own words and tunes when singing. I caught him at the end, so he's kind of petering out, but imagine him singing an entire song replacing the first letter in every word with the letter N.

Flashcard time!
Moira and Sammy drilled Davis in what the objects on her Mandarin flashcards are. Not what the Mandarin words are, literally what the pictures were of. Which amused me, because Davis would say "Person!" and then they'd correct him, "No, no! That's a girl."

Tricky balancing
I was very impressed that they both managed to walk the whole length of this hilly bar. The grassy side is actually a drop of a foot or so, so it took a fair amount of courage to try it.

Dinner prep
Moira wanted to make dinner for everyone again. This time, burgers with fries and cucumber salad.

Fashion, Zooper style
I liked this outfit she put together for zoo camp, complete with necklace bandoleer.

Painting a birdhouse
Davis had a really hard time with Moira being gone all day for the whole week. He didn't want to go with her, he just missed her. I bought him this birdhouse to paint, and he did it a teeny tiny bit. Then we hunted for the right place to put it. No word on if there's an occupant yet.

The previous week, he dumped some glitter in my bedroom, and I was finally getting around to cleaning it up. He insisted it was his job, and he did it well. I just had to sit and point out the bits he'd missed.

We did it!
The days we were home in the morning, he insisted on playing a game. The Goldieblox dunk tank was one of the choices, and I managed to actually get it put together and stay together for at least 4 dunks.

I bought some little drawer bins to sort out our collage stuff, under the theory that we might actually use them this way. Davis wanted to put the pom poms and googly eyes away, and then decided to make a picture.

I don't know what this is
Moira made this at zoo camp, but I forgot to ask what it is. I'm thinking maybe it's a tadpole and an egg?

I signed Davis up for the parent/child class he's enjoyed before with Moira, and he did not enjoy himself the whole time. He did eventually warm up to it, when we were on our way back to the car and he discovered the awesome gravel path. He also enjoyed seeing the cattails, which he calls "hot dog plants!"

New airplane
On Friday we went to help my sister pack up for her upcoming move. I bought him this airplane to keep him busy, and it was interesting enough that my sister's cat who is afraid of people came out to see it. Davis agreed to play with the kitty for a few minutes, but he got bored quickly.

Making wallets
She came over for dinner when we were done, and showed Moira how to fold origami wallets.

A flamingo
Moira kept a journal at zoo camp which was supposed to include all the animals she saw, but she mostly just drew flamingos. This was my favorite.

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