Saturday, July 12, 2014

What we did the last two weeks

Potholder loom
This is actually from three weeks ago, but Moira was taken with the loom at our Colonial America potluck, so I pulled out my potholder loom for her. She really likes it.

Little boat
Walker took the week of the 4th of July off and so we went to Wild Waves on Monday. It is not well set up for little kids, but they had fun anyway. Davis went on all the rides he could, including the mini roller coaster.

Frog hopper
Moira tried a new ride on the advice of our roommate, the Frog Hopper. She really liked it. Davis' favorite thing was the wave pool. He alternated between yelling at it to stop and trying to walk all the way to the deep end. He's been asking to go back ever since.

Circling Japan
We've been keeping track of the countries we've studied on our wall map. I want to get a big paper one to keep track of where we've visited, both individually and as a family.

Giant mess
I was helping Moira look for books on Egypt to check out, and Davis decided to play downstairs. I guess he wanted to refill one of the paint dotters, and then this happened. This picture doesn't cover the entirety of the giant mess. It took quite awhile to clean up.

This book is hard
It was my Dad's birthday, so I went to my favorite place for presents, Ada's Technical Books and found a children's book that Dad struggled to read.

Walking in the woods
We went for a little walk in a park near our house. Moira really enjoyed it, and didn't want to leave. I need to figure out how to make this happen more often.

Davis was able to set Mousetrap up 90% on his own, and then he broke it. I'm trying not to be super happy about that.

Painting their quiet spots
Walker got a bike trailer to go with his new bike, and Moira decided that it was the perfect place for her to create a quiet place. Davis wanted his own too, so we found another big box, and then they decided to decorate them while I was making lunch.

Then they ate lunch in there while listening to the Barbie guitar we thought was broken, but Moira fixed (by hitting the reset button).

Matthews Beach
We went to a homeschool park day, where I once again failed to talk to anyone I didn't already know. It was at a beach we used to go to with my elementary school. Not much sand, but plenty of seaweed and goose poop.

This is how you pump
My friend Sika explained how to pump in a way Moira could understand, and so Moira was trying to show her friend at the above park day. Her lesson was a success until her Dad noticed and complimented her pumping.

Making cobbler
The kids went berry picking with the baby sitter and when they got home Moira really wanted to bake a dessert for her friend who was spending the night this weekend. I managed to find a recipe we could make with what we had on hand, and help them make it that afternoon. Usually it takes me awhile to gear myself up for baking projects, so I'm counting this as a homeschool win.

Making mud
Davis really likes to make mud. I know I've mentioned that before, but he especially likes doing it in the gravel under the swings, so really, he's making concrete. Let me tell you how fun that is to clean up.

Bike wash
While the cobbler was baking, they decided to wash their bikes.

Moira and a friend picked this bouquet in the garden. I was impressed with the composition. Then they covered the table with rose petals.

Face painting
The kids, my parents, and I went to Volunteer park for the annual community picnic. Free ice cream, face painting, and bluegrass music.

Trafffic controllers
I've been reinforcing traffic safety, now that Davis is walking more. Both kids decided to be traffic controllers on the way home from the park, so at each alley and street they would put their hands out and shout "stop cars!"

I was surprised at how good Davis was at actually making sets this way, but he got bored really quickly.

More climbing trees
We went back up to Volunteer park for the Greenstage festival. There are some really spectacular climbing trees near the grass lawn stage.

Apricots are great big peaches!
Unfortunately it is really hot here right now, and we ran out of shade and the kids got really cranky. They did enjoy their picnic lunch though.

Hardest working dolphin on Capitol Hill
We bumped into some Eastside friends at the play, which was cool, and everyone played in the wading pool for awhile before we headed off for ice cream and home.

Two shovels!
Davis got tired of the wading pool before Moira and so he headed to the sand pit where he found two almost identical shovels. He was very impressed.

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