Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What we did the last two weeks

Firs time in a bigger kart
For Father's Day we took Walker to the Go-Kart track. Moira moved up to the larger kid size of kart. She had a little bit of trouble figuring out the tight curve, but she got it with a little bit of coaching from the track monitor and kicked butt on her second race.

Air hockey
Davis discovered the joys of air hockey, even though the table was off, and there was no puck.

It worked!
Part of the present from the kids was this DIY light up card. There were actually three in the package we got, but this was the only one that worked.

Flipping pancakes
Moira wanted to make dinner for Father's Day, so she made pancakes. This was her first time flipping them herself.

How to fill the canner
Davis insisted on filling up the canner for me. This was totally safe, right?

More and more often, when I go to get the kids from quiet time, this is what they are doing, and they refuse to stop.

I came downstairs after shuffling laundry around to find Davis had set this entire game up, and was playing it all by himself. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture before he started breaking it up after he noticed me watching.

Moira had some wildflower seeds to plant in her garden, and she managed the whole thing while I was chasing Davis around the yard as he tried to water things.

Both kids wanted to help me with painting the front hall. I could only handle about 2 minutes of this before I made them stop and chased them off to go help Walker assemble furniture.

Arquarium set up!
Moira has been saving for her own fish and patiently waiting for us to help her get to the store to buy them. We finally realized how long we had made her wait and so she and Walker got the aquarium set up and this week they are going to finally buy them.

Tea party
Moira and I went to a tea party at our former neighbor's house, with the people who bought our house. They brought over some beading supplies and the kids had fun making necklaces.

Naked gardening
Davis has been stripping his clothes off when he's in the yard more and more often. He likes to leave his clothes in a pile on the windowsill of my parent's place.

Tying shoes
Moira fell in love with these shoes and bought them with her very own money. It only took her a few days to get the hang of tying the laces, although she still needs help with the double knot.

I'm a rainbow!
The kids were playing with the chalkboard and decided to smear the chalk all over with their hands. And I guess Davis used his face a little. He was very proud to show me his "rainbow hands."

Waiting to swim
After last summer when Davis tried to drown himself multiple times, I put the kids on a waiting list for swim lessons near us. We finally got in, and Davis was NOT a fan at first. On the third lesson, he finally warmed up to it, and wanted to play in the free play area before his class and then actually participated in the lesson part.

My shoes!
I suggested that since these shoes are too small for him, we could give them to our friend's younger baby. You can tell what he thought of that idea.

Cake for the neighbors
Two houses on our block went up for sale this spring, and one of them sold right away. In an effort to force myself to be more neighborly, I told the kids that we should make the new neighbors a treat to welcome them to the neighborhood, knowing that they would remind me until we did it. Moira picked a cake recipe, and they helped me make it. Then it took a couple of days to actually find a time when we were free and they were home. I'm very glad we did it, since they are new to the area from Europe, and so I'm sure the Seattle Freeze is confusing to them.

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