Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weeks 25 & 26

I've been trying to paint the front hall, and also get a bunch of other house stuff done, and also my computer got infected with Malware, and it took my Dad awhile to get it cleaned off, so I took a week off from posting. Here is the catch up!

Tired baby
Davis has finally started napping now that we've figured out how to help Davis settle down at night and he's no longer so super sleep deprived. I don't let him nap for very long, but it's so sweet when it happens.

Cherries and asparagus
I had my first canning session with my friend Sika, because my parents stopped in Yakima on their way home from their road trip. We made a lot of brandied cherries, some maraschino cherries, and a test batch of pickled asparagus. Davis has decided that all of the cherries are his, but our roommate, Mirella, gets the asparagus and a couple of jars of maraschinos.

New comics!
The kids and I went to the comic book store, because I really needed to own a copy of this book.

Orange flower
Davis found this flower that matched his new shoes, and he was so happy.

New lens
This isn't an official selfie from my 365 project, but Walker found the gift his Mother bought me for my birthday, which got misplaced in the shuffle. A Holga lens for my Canon. It turns my DSLR into a little toy camera, which is fun, but it needs a lot of light to work. It's still fun.


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  1. I like the matching flower with shoes. I think that should be our goal every day. And the napping is super sweet.