Monday, July 14, 2014

Homeward Pet tour

Tour instructions
A couple of months ago we went on a tour of a local no kill animal rescue center, set up by one of our local homsechool groups.

In the kitty play room
The kids got to learn about how they take care of the animals that Homeward Pet takes in, along with where the animals live, get socialized, and get exercise. They even got to play with one of the more friendly kitties in the play room. We even got to see the big room where they store all the donated food and supplies they get, much of which they redistribute to people through local food banks.

The dog room was much noisier (of course) and we had to be a lot more careful about which dogs we got close too. This guy was really friendly. Davis spent most of the tour on my shoulders asking to take pictures of the animals with my phone. Moira made sure to tell me which dogs and cats were the ones she wanted.

The only downside (for us) is that in their new bigger location, they don't allow young volunteers, you have to be a teenager to help out.

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