Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Conversations we've had in the car

Me: What do you want to be for Halloween? Davis, do you want to be a monster? A truck?
Davis: A monster!
Moira: You were a monster last year too! I think we should have a family costume this year! And you and I can help you sew them. It will have to be something simple.
Me: Okay, what do you think we should dress up like? (A song from the Little Mermaid starts playing)
Davis: I want to be that!
Me: You want to be a mermaid?
Davis: Yes, THAT mermaid!
Me: You want to be Ariel?
Davis: Yes!
Moira: I want to be Ariel too! Davis can be Prince Eric.
Davis: No. I'm a mermaid.
Me: Everyone can be Ariel.
Davis: No. Nain and Grumpy are going to be trucks. Moira will be a mermaid, I will be a mermaid, you will be a mermaid, Mirella and Pearl will be mermaids. *Pointing at construction workers* They will be mermaids!
Me: Okay!
Moira: I know! You and Daddy can have tails that just hang down your back, and Davis and I will stand on something with wheels, and you can pull us around.
Me: We'll talk to Daddy about that idea.
Moira: Can I be a pink mermaid instead?
Me: Yes.
Davis: And I can be an orange one!


Davis: What's that song about?
Me: Um.... Well, she has something that she wants to give someone else, and she's letting them know that she has it whenever they are ready to take it.


Moira: Why are you laughing, Mom?
Me: It love that we were all singing along to "Roar."
Davis: No, it's not called "Roar." It's called "Eye of the Tiger."

I tried to shoot a video, but it's short because the light changed and I had to start driving. Here it is.

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