Thursday, June 19, 2014

What we did last week

Last pottery class
We had our final week of classes at Cascade, filled with class parties and finishing up projects.

We found this spindle with a large number of cardboard squares with holes in them on our way to buy some birthday presents. The kids decided to tidy up and put them all back.

Playing together!
Davis has started actually playing with other kids near his own age! His two favorite friends are Owen, and Mikkoandalrik. I keep telling him that his name is just "Alrik," but the closest Davis will get to that is calling him "Andalrik."

Reading in bef
Davis had a couple of weeks of absolutely refusing to settle down for sleep and Walker and I were getting really frustrated with it. So we decided that it was time for Davis to have the same bedtime rules Moira does, you can read in bed until you are sleepy, but you cannot play or get out of bed. They've been reading together some times, which is super cute.

Moira was in a play on her last day of class. She announced the play and then sat in the background and reminded the rest of the players about their costume changes.

Root beer
Moira has been waiting a really long time to do the root beer making kit I got her. The baby sitter finally agreed to do it with her, and we've been enjoying the weak, undercarbonated results. Fortunately, we have all the parts to try it again.

Giving Stewie a treat
Davis has decided that putting Stewie in his crate is his job. He has mostly figured out how to use the springs on the door to close it, but he doesn't have the strength to open it yet.

Swimming lesson
I finally got the kids signed up for swimming lessons. You can see Davis in the background of this photo screaming his head off. I was very impressed with how calm his teacher was and how good he was at calming him down. Davis' only takeaway from the lesson was that he got his teacher wet, so hopefully this week's lesson will go better.

Arranging flowers
Moira picked out a bouquet at the Farmer's Market and wanted to arrange it on her own.

Davis started measuring things while Walker and I were doing house stuff. Everything was "high inches tall."

Walker finally got Moira's new Goldieblox set set up in a way that they managed to use it. It still falls apart a lot even if you do it perfectly.

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