Monday, June 2, 2014

What we did last week

Davis is helping
The kids begged Walker to do puzzles with them, and then decided to climb all over him instead of helping.

Playing in the foutain
We went to Folklife to see the Kinderpendant show, and Moira decided that playing in the fountain was a fun thing she wanted to do. And then she did. I was pretty shocked. Davis decided to bundle up for the day and refused to take off any layers, despite it being very hot.

Moira in the fountain
We also went into this fountain while we were there. This is the highlight of Folklife for Moira, but she doesn't seem to realize that it exists at the Seattle Center the entire rest of the year.

Davis still hasn't figured out jumping, this is his best attempt so far.

Moira's ballet class had a mini recital on the last class day. She was super proud and excited to have me there. They did this routine for us twice, and one of the other kids got confused and insisted that Moira's place was hers. Moira responded by graciously moving backwards and adjusting her routine to account for that. Way to be flexible, kid!

Drawing a solar system
Moira decided to draw all the planets, so we had an interesting conversation about what colors they are.

Planting seeds
I let the kids each pick out a packet of seeds to sprout, because we wanted to redo a measuring experiment we didn't pay enough attention to, and Moira really wanted to use our seed starter kit. Davis insisted on green beans, which say on the package that we are not to start indoors and Moira picked a wildflower mix, which is also not supposed to be started indoors. We are living dangerously, and giving it a try.

We went to the bike store as a family and then ended up standing around for a very long time waiting for Walker to talk to the guy who has been working with him on planning his future bike. It took over a half an hour for me to convince the kids to go play outside on the grass instead of lying on the floor of the bike store complaining.

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