Monday, May 26, 2014

What we did last week

We didn't do as much last week due to my giant headache. Or rather, they kids did plenty, but I was lying down a lot and didn't get many pictures.

Moira found a secret flower vase
Moira found the secret flower vase in the Tesla. That poppy stayed there all the way to the library.

School work
We don't have school next week, so Moira had to do some homework on Tuesday. She had to make a piece of art with a meter of yarn, and we had conversations about if she could cut it into pieces (no) or draw on the page (yes).

Davis loves to play with the Perler beads. He hasn't tried actually arranging them yet though. It's more of a sensory bin.

Moira has been wanting to do a video for Disney Jr's DJ Shuffle thing, and we finally did. It turns out I waited too long, and it's too late to submit, so here is her 30 second dance.

Painting her nails
Since Davis insists on painting his own nails now, I convinced Moira to try painting hers too. It went fairly well.

New fort
This fort has a working door! Nice.

Making her own breakfast
Davis has also been trying to make his own breakfasts, so I walked Moira through the process too. She kept saying she probably couldn't do it, but I told her I'd help if anything was too hard, and nothing was. Yay self serve waffles!

Walker had an autocross on Saturday, so the kids and I decided to check out the Origami exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum. I got there too early, because the hours I saw on the webpage were for the garage, not the whole museum, so we entertained ourselves with a photo shoot. They liked the exhibit, and the one about plates, and we were only followed closely by the security guard for half of our visit.

Their lunch request was for sushi, so we did that. Moira wanted to show off her ability with the chopsticks with the special holders, since Davis gets a lot of attention every time he uses them and people ignore her.

Happy birthday Sushi!
Moira threw a birthday party for her Small World doll, now named "Sushi." Nice looking cake.

A glitter and tape heart
To help me feel better, Moira made me this heart with tape and glitter glue.

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