Monday, May 19, 2014

What we did last week

Reading the "menu"
Davis insisted we play more games on Sunday. Well, actually, he insisted we set them up, read the "menu" (instructions), and then put them away.

Little biker
Moira went on a long bike ride with my Dad. She's been looking forward to being able to do this again all winter.

Signing his name
Davis has started "signing" his name on art and cards. He spells Davis ""

Happy Mother's Day
I did an interview with Moira (and Davis answered a couple of questions too) about her Grandmothers. My Mom's favorite answer was what age Moira thought she was. I really liked that Moira said Nain's job was "Making appetizers."

Moira's windchimes
We finally hung up Moira's windchimes.

Toddler sommelier
Davis insisted on opening the wine, and got a surprising amount done all on his own.

"Biking" to the park
I suggested the kids could bike to the park. They both pushed their bikes up the hill, and then Davis refused to have anything to do with his bike once we got to the flat part. Moira rode as soon as it was flat, and then in circles at the park, and then back home.

Moira's poetry book cover
Moira got to design her own cover for the poetry book her class made. Hers is entitled "It's A Small World After All."

I do it!
Davis had a rough day at school on Wednesday. Well, for the whole day really. But his shirt was super cute!

We dropped Moira off at her ballet/tap class and he had fun counting these little toys in the barber shop window across the street.

Moira's ballet/tap class
This was my first time taking Moira to her ballet class. There's a little show off period at the end of each class, so I got to see her tap moves.

On Friday morning, we were still waiting for one butterfly to hatch. The kids enjoyed watching them flutter around.

Reading in the fort
I was thinking that the kids hadn't gone into the fort since the day they made it, but I came downstairs and Moira was reading to Davis in there. So cute!

Caterpillar go!
Davis had fun figuring out how to wind this little caterpillar wind up toy my parents bought.

Butterfly release
The final butterfly was out when we were done with nap time, so we decided to release them. One of the butterflies was still in our garden when I went out this morning.

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