Sunday, May 11, 2014

What we did last week

Frosting cupcakes
The kids helped Walker frost cupcakes for Moira's birthday. Davis' contribution was licking the beater clean.

Robot turtles
After the party, our friends stayed over to try out Robot Turtles. It was a hit, until they increased the difficulty past were Moira had played before and she got frustrated.

While they were doing that, Davis talked me into getting out Mousetrap so he could show his friend how to play. By which I mean, repetitively trap the mice, and feed them cheese.

They have a secret
Moira and Sammy spent quite awhile writing secrets in her new diary. I've been told I'm allowed to know, but I can't tell anyone else.

Davis has taken to reading to himself when it's time to get into bed. Maybe soon, he'll be able to read himself to sleep like Moira does.

New bike
Also at the birthday party, we had a bike swap, with Moira's bike going to her friend Sammy, and another friend bringing her old bike by. The Mom was worried that she wouldn't like it because it was beat up, but it's covered in princesses and flowers, so Moira is over the moon. She was a little nervous at first, but she figured out how to get up on it pretty quickly.

Moira and her makeup
Moira has taken to putting on her makeup in the morning, when she's doing something exciting like going to school, and she has the time. I knew this day would come sooner then I wanted.

Drawing lines
Davis likes to glue buttons on paper at school, and this time when he got set up he noticed the grid printed on the paper and tried to mimic the lines.

Moira's store
She wanted to sell these things, but there was no one walking past our house at 10am on a Tuesday, and Mom and I ran out of quarters pretty quickly. I did buy a sparkly paper doll.

Building a fort
The kids built this amazing fort with the babysitter. More blankets were added after I took this picture.

Set Jr
I hate this game. It turns Set into a matching game, and I guess I can see why that's a good way to teach kids the skills they need to play set, but it drives me crazy to play this way. There is a harder version on the other side, but we haven't tried that yet.

Davis loves Goldieblox
Davis really likes playing with Goldieblox right now. Maybe we should get another set.

Artists at work
Moira wanted to do all the new craft kits she got for her birthday all at once, so we had a day full of painting. Davis got to work on a wooden car that I bought on Amazon for the exact purpose of entertaining him the next time she had a painting thing. He also made a glitter glue picture.

6th birthday painting
While waiting for her treasure box to dry, Moira painted her annual birthday picture. She started out making a big red sun, and then got frustrated that it was too big. She stopped herself, went to look at the previous paintings and decided to do an abstract similar to the one she made for her 4th birthday.

Moira bought me a butterfly habitat for Mother's day, and it came early, so we've been watching the caterpillars grow all week. The last one turned into a chrysalis on my birthday! Now to wait.

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