Monday, May 5, 2014

What we did last week

Walker assembled the balance bike we got a good deal on for Davis. It was supposed to be a bribe to encourage weaning, but he hated that idea. We did end up waiting to give it to him until after he was fully weaned, but not on purpose.

At the same time, he put the pedals back on Moira's bike and she figured out how to combine the balancing and the pedaling.

Amusing sign
We had a week off from Moira's lessons due to testing for the older grades, so we went to the Seattle Children's Museum with a friend, where I saw these cute signs. They were all over the place, I wonder how much parental bullying was going on.

While we were there, Davis leveled up in his art skills. He was chanting "circle!" while he did it, so I know it was deliberate. Sadly, it rode home in my purse, so it got wrinkled.

Advanced crawling
I was impressed that Davis was willing to try this at gymnastics. the beam was tilted up and he usually doesn't like crawling on something when there's open air under the bar.

We played a lot of board games this week, mostly Busytown Eye Found It and Mousetrap. Davis plays alternate rules Mousetrap, where we set up the machine and then he traps the mice one by one and feeds them cheese.

Making breakfast
The more we let him do by himself the more he insists that he can do everything. So, now he wants to start his waffle cooking every morning.

I told Moira I could take a break and help her put on one tattoo and both kids ended up with four each.

My big project for the week, which I was unable to accomplish because my legs still haven't recovered from my weekend at Norwescon was cleaning the house for Moira's birthday party. I was getting so little done that by Thursday I was really grouchy at the kids and I kept yelling at them to go play. Eventually I think they realized that I was not a person to hang out with right then, and actually went and played for more than a half an hour without needing my help. Moira wanted her train elevated, so Davis could run cars under it, and did eventually come ask for help, but it's nice to see these periodic glimpses into the future when Davis will actually play with his sister.

Moira really wanted a butterfly garden and I suggested to Walker that it would be a good Mother's Day present. They came early, so maybe I will have Chrysallises for Mother's Day.

Walker did most of the cleaning on Saturday, along with dealing with the kids while I did the shopping, cooking, and being cranky parts of our todo list. Yay teamwork!


  1. Wow. Is it weird that I'm now hoping that some day *I* get assigned the being cranky part of our to do list?

    1. It's a pretty long list. I take up the first 700 spots.