Monday, May 12, 2014

Now she is six!

Princess dress cookies
Moira asked for a Princess tea party for her birthday party, so that's what we did. I have a friend who makes fabulous cookies, so I asked her to make some princess dresses and she happily complied (with a Tinkerbell thrown in for me).

Elsa dress
Moira proudly wore the "Elsa" dress she made (which I will blog about later), I'm glad she wanted to make one, because of the impossibility of buying Frozen merchandise right now. I'm impressed that it held up well through all the playing.

Moira wanted there to be makeovers, so I bought little lipstick testers and cheap eyeshadows, so that everyone could take their own home. Also because you should never share eye makeup. We also had our nail polishes out. My roommate, and our friend Angela helped everyone get beautified, and Angela wrote people's names beautifully on the little boxes for them to take their makeup home in.

Tea goodies
Moira was very specific about what she wanted for the tea part of the tea party. We had blue lavendar tea, pink lemonade, jam sandwiches, cheese on toast, fruit salad, cookies, and mini cupcakes. She wanted us to put lots of things on the cupcakes and write her name on them, but she gave that idea up when she saw the actual size of the mini cupcake tin. I also found little teacup shaped straw cups on Amazon, so there were very few spills (mostly adults trying to pour things into the cups).

Tea time
Tea time!

Late guest
One of the guests arrived very late, due to a scheduling mix up, and so Moira's friend Eve made sure she still got her makeover. She's a very sweet kid.

Moira's actual birthday was a school day, and they had a special poetry celebration. I have no pictures because she wanted me to stand with her when it was her turn. And read her poem. Before we went to school in the morning, I recited "Now I Am Six" by AA Milne, which I decided was a poem I needed to know by heart when I was turning six. She thought it was cute.

Moira got a lot of presents that were "EXACTLY what I wanted!" This little purse puppy from the babysitter, a mermaid Groovy Girl from her friend Jenna, a bunch of fancy dresses from her friend Lily, and a Strawberry Shortcake remote control car from Grammy. She really liked all her presents, but those were the favorites.

Princess birthday kitty
Oh, there was also this sparkly kitty headband and some rings from our roommate, Mirella which were quite the hit.

Ellis kitty
Her special dinner was to go to Red Robin and have the waiter sing to her. Unfortunately, they were busy and our waiter didn't seem to know much about serving families with kids, and the kids were both over tired, but she was very happy to go.

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