Sunday, May 25, 2014

Moira's first sewing project

Moira likes to talk a lot about the things she wants me to sew for her, so when she started talking about wanting an Elsa dress, I suggested that I could help her make it. We bought the fabric back at the beginning of the year, and I made the pattern while she watched a month or two later, but then didn't get to sewing it until the two weeks before her birthday.

Proud pinner
She helped me pin the pattern onto the fabric, and then I did the cutting. We talked about proper pinning technique, and she was able to pin all of the seams by herself. She got really into pinning, and some of the seams had a pin every inch or so.

With the current set up, she's too short to reach the foot pedal, so I did that part, while she did most everything else. We covered which way to move the wheel, starting and stopping with the needle in the right position. The toughest thing for her was guiding the fabric without pushing it down.

She refused to try doing the ironing, and I did the elastic, and fixed the too short sleeves. She did everything else and was super proud. This is our final fit picture, where I discovered that I had made the sleeves too small, and we discussed how to actually make it stay up.

Elsa dress
This is the totally finished product. She wears it as soon as it is clean, and it has a special place in her closet. She is already talking about what to sew next.

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  1. So cool! Love the process and the finished product. I have another project to try with M--should get on that.