Monday, April 14, 2014

What we did last week

Davis painted a lot of butterflies at school.

He also read a lot of books. He really likes whatever Moira checks out at the library and the learn to read books she brings home from school.

Two pants!
Davis made some interesting fashion choices. Shorts AND pants, of course. He is a master of layering.

And two shirts with leg warmers on his arms. I talked about how if he wears the button up buttoned up over his tshirt, then no one can see the shirt, but he refuses to believe me. He also refuses to believe that the leg warmers can also be worn on your legs. I'm a little worried about toddler-self inflicted heat stroke this summer.

Daisy wreath
Moira collected enough daisies for me to make her a daisy chain. She was super sad when she found it all wilted the next day. C'est la vie.

Watering the watering can
We remembered to water the garden a few times. And then the kids decided it was more fun to pour water from one watering can to another.

Moira has figured out how to balance on her bike! Time to put the pedals back on. And also get her a taller bike.

Moira loves to draw on the cardboard that comes with frozen pizza. Davis decided to make this one collaborative and add some tape, because all good art needs to have tape.

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