Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What we did last week

Tutu dance party
We settled into being sick and taking medicine, and the kids enjoyed the downtime at home, with a tutu dance party. Davis insists on wearing both tutus at once, because it's a "two tutus."

We bought some plants for the former pond in our front yard, and this ladybug visited both kids while we were at the plant store.

I was cranky so I pretended dinner prep needed 100% of my attention, and the kids spent a long time coloring in this giant velvet coloring book.

Spreading the dirt
I poured the dirt into the rock filled pond and the kids spread it around. I let them do it by themselves, and they did a great job.

They also decided where to plant what. I expect most of these to die because I'm horrible about remembering to water, and the kids aren't going to be any better.

Bear crawl
I signed Davis up for toddler gym at the same time as his friend. He was nervous for a few minutes, but he got used to it and remembered most everything he'd learned last time. Moira gets to take a class at the same time, score!

Moira fixed it!
This music box has been broken for a couple of years. I went to find Moira one morning and she announced that she had fixed it! Turned out, she found the on/off switch.

Moira suddenly started bringing the easy readers home from school again, AND wants to read them to me. This week she grabbed such a large stack they gave her a bag to carry them home in, and she wants to read them ALL. Davis likes to read them too.

Moira sewing
Moira's doll's tights got cut, and she asked me to fix them, so I suggested that she fix them. She did it almost entirely by herself and is very proud.

Moira's poem
Moira had to write a poem for school. It reads "Jewels are shiny, candy is sweet, you'll be my best friend forever."

I took my roommate up to Bellingham for a college tour. We had fun, and learned a lot, but there was a LOT of walking. We also had exceptionally good Korean food for dinner.

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