Monday, April 28, 2014

What we did the last two weeks

The last couple of weeks were busy, with Norwescon, and recovering from Norwescon. I'm finally getting caught up on sleep after realizing (once again) that I don't have as much insomnia if I just remember to take vitamin D every day. I didn't take a lot of pictures of those two weeks, because me trying to pack while grouchily telling the kids to just go play isn't a very photogenic thing, so here is the last two weeks all together.

This is harder then he thought
We went for a walk up to the ice cream sandwich place and Davis tried to walk Stewie. It was not as awesome as he thought it would be and he let Moira have her turn early.

Sharing their favorite show
We babysat this little guy, and Moira thought he was the best thing ever. Davis had no opinions.

Sorting beads
Moira got a birthday present from a friend from Japan. She spent quite awhile sorting the perler beads out.

That was inevitable
And this happened, but Davis and I helped her clean up, so it didn't turn into the end of the world.

Taking the train
We went to pick up the pottery we painted a couple of weeks ago, and the little train was actually working! Davis was very impressed.

Walker and the kids went to Arizona and spent a lot of time swimming, much to his aunt's shock because it was SO COLD!

Painting his own nails
Davis has been insisting he can paint his own nails, and I was distracted so he actually started. He did a fairly decent job, but he got frustrated when he got nail polish all over his hands.

New outfit
The last of the outfits Moira picked from Etsy came. She really likes this one.

Moira's decoration
She made this fairy garden.

Both kids dressed up as fairies. Davis really wanted orange wings, but was disappointed with my solution.

We had makeovers. Davis tried painting his nails again, and Moira did her own makeup.

Moving carpet
I unwrapped out rug after it came back from being cleaned, but I couldn't move it on my own. Turns out, Moira and Davis could.

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  1. All those beads! Good thing she had help.

    That is a super-cute Etsy dress.

    I'm fascinated with all the nail painting. Maybe we should break out the polish here!