Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 13

Davis got this ice pack (actually a teething ring my roommate holds onto for sentimental reasons) and was very excited at what a great pair of glasses it made. When we put it away, he immediately asked if he could have "My eight!" back.

New doll
Walker's Dad visited and Moira talked him into buying her a birthday present. She picked out this doll that sings the first couple of lines of the Small World ride song in English and Japanese. It's really easy to accidentally press the button to make that happen. It's totally awesome.

This day sucked in a low level, constant kind of way, but I accidentally took a picture I really liked, so I guess it wasn't all bad.


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  1. I love what he did with the teething ring.

  2. A picture you like is definitely a redeeming quality!

    Love "my eight" — how funny!

    That's a cute doll. Cool that it's not at all annoying.