Thursday, April 10, 2014

Norwescon is coming!

And there has been frantic work in my costuming group to get everything done.

I'm finally at the stage where I am putting flowers on my costume. As requested by the person in charge this year, I put big pink ones where my nipples would be. I'm also done with my wig, beads, and brooches.

Awesome sun!
Sika and I have been having some extra sewing sessions together because she had a bunch of not optional work travel that meant she missed a lot of sewing days. I'm super excited about her sun!

I am 100% done with Sika's boyfriend's wolf costume. What's that you say? This doesn't look at all wolfy? Not pictured are the fur cuffs for his arms and legs. I also made him a little pouch and he's getting himself some ears.

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