Monday, March 24, 2014

What we did last week

Leafy bodice
I've gotten all the vines down on my costume, and now I'm adding leaves. This is turning out exactly how I imagined and I'm so excited.

Moira's lego ship
Moira built this Lego boat all by herself. I took this picture after accidentally knocking it over, so the people are not where she put them.

Painting windchimes
I finally agreed to set this paint your own windchimes set up. I bought it when Davis was a baby and put it away for later. Sadly, it was so much later that Davis really wanted to do his own. We compromised and he got to use the paints that came with it.

Mixed media
This is what he made while Moira worked (and for a good ten minutes after she stopped to do something else). A mixed media work with cut paper, paint, stickers, and staples.

Playing a game
The kids played the game they made up with these cards again. I was surprised how many of their previous rules Moira remembered.

Reading Digger the Dinosaur
Davis sat down and "read" this entire book. He even realized he'd gotten something wrong and backtracked to fix it.

Moira's hipster outfit
Moira put together this outfit, and said it was her "hipster outfit." I asked why she thinks it's a hipster outfit and she said, "because it's so swishy!" I have no idea why she thinks those two things are linked. She's also decided that she really likes "DJ music" and when I asked for examples she mentioned "Me Party" by Amy Addams and Miss Piggy. I may be too old to understand what's cool now.

Making notes
Moira sat down to do some homework and Davis was not happy until the exact same supplies to do his own work. He drew a box around the edge of his paper.

Davis practiced a lot more with scissors. He has rejected the toddler safe scissors, so I had to buy a new pair so the kids would stop fighting over these.

New fort
Moira made another fort with the baby sitter. I need to invest in some better fort supplies for her.

Moira made me some hearts
Moira surprised me one night with a giant pile of heart cards. She has started to sign things with her initials sometimes, instead of just her name. She hasn't gotten the hang of the order they need to go in yet, so sometimes she's signing "HEM."

Welcome Grandpa!
I bought some dot painters and suggested the kids might want to make a "Welcome Grandpa!" banner. They got excited and made a LOT.

Climbing the stairs
Davis decided to climb the stairs on the outside. He was very proud that he made it all the way to the first post before I stopped him.

Playing games
The kids showed Steve how to play their favorite video games. Moira has been calling Grandpa by his name, because Steve is fancier. I told her he was probably sad that she didn't call him something special, so we looked up what the Swedish people call their Grandparents, and he agreed that he'd love to be called Farfar.

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  1. Maybe it's hipster because it swishes over your hips?

    Love that smile on the stairs! :)