Thursday, March 13, 2014

What we did last week

Paper doll and collage
The kids made paper dolls and feather collages with the baby sitter. Super fun.

Comic day!
Moira and I got a box of comics from one of Walker's high school friends. She has been reading them constantly ever since.

New shoes
Both kids got new shoes, although I haven't managed to take a picture of Moira's somehow. She wanted to show off how she can wear her insoles without shoes around them.

Fancy Stewie
Stewie is a very good sport and wore this "fancy necklace" for half of a day without much complaint.

Moira teaches the waltz
Moira announced that it was Hawaii day, and dressed appropriately. She also said "Aloha!" to me every few minutes for most of the day. After dinner, she requested Hawaiian music in the living room and then showed us how to waltz. The next day she wanted to have a Chinese day, and we listened to some Chinese music while we were working in the afternoon, but she got distracted after dinner, so I didn't get to find out what dance she was going to teach us.

Taking pictures
I gave Davis the very old digital camera to use because he got used to using Jade's camera on our Victoria trip, and didn't understand why Moira won't let him use hers. He thinks you have to get the camera right up next to whatever you want to take a picture of in order for it to work.

The kids convinced me to buy them each a makeup kit when we were out at the mall looking for shoes for Moira. Then we had a makeover party after nap time.

Pedal like a feind!
Davis insisted on wearing both of his tutus at once. I'm very glad that we didn't have to go anywhere that day, because there's no way that would have fit in the car seat.

Moira's swing
Moira tried to build a swing in her room. This arrangement didn't work, because the closet door kept opening when she tried to sit on the blanket.

Time outside is ramping up, and the kids are frequently hiding in corners digging.

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