Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 12 (Pony party!)

Pony rides
The kids and I went to the birthday party of Moira's long time friend last Saturday. And there were ponies to ride! A number of guests were running late, so Moira got a lot of rides in in the short time the ponies were available.

Hello kitty
Davis considered riding one of the ponies, but then decided that that was not a good idea. Instead he enjoyed some of the other activities, like chasing the cats.

Crazy kids
This bouncy house slide was a huge hit with everyone, and the kids went a little wild after the ponies went for a rest.

I'll catch you!
After warming up to the idea of the bounce house, Davis was fully into it, and didn't mind participating in the demolition derby the older kids were making. Only one kid got hurt.

Bouncy house
I had to get into the bouncy house for Davis' first trip. Since I'm still sick, it wasn't really a fun experience.

Moira also partook of the face painting, but I couldn't talk Davis into it.

There were cupcakes, of course.

Opening presents
And presents, also of course. I'm happy that Moira seems to be able to enjoy watching someone else open presents, without being overwhelmed with sadness that they aren't for her.

Pat the bunny
There were also incredibly fluffy bunnies for the kids to hold.

Hi llama!
And llamas and goats and sheep! My kids both touched the bunny, but that was it.

The goodie bag was the coolest. LED light rings seem to be a popular goodie bag item, and these goodie bags had a bunch of them, plus a number of plastic eggs. Moira went to sleep with one of the lights in an egg because she was so enchanted. She also filled a play silk with all of them and then had fun dancing in the dark with it.


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  1. What a gorgeous set of photos Shannon! Looks like a brilliant party. I hope you're feeling better now!

  2. What a great party. I loved horseriding as a child, but I couldn't continue as I'm horribly allergic to horses :(

  3. How fun! I have yet to convince either of my children to get on a pony, even though I loved it as a kid. Looks like a great party!