Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 10

How did he get out there?
I keep having to play the game "Are the kids still in the yard?" now that the weather is getting better. The answer has so far been yes, but I'm paranoid because we have a gap in the fence and the front gate doesn't latch. Also, Davis is sneaky.

So much screaming lately
Davis is at that phase of toddlerhood. Where he screams "I DO IT!" the second you mention doing something like opening the door. And where he loses his mind when there is something I can't let him do. I had forgotten how much this phase feels like being in an abusive relationship, and I did not miss it.


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  1. Yes, I feel like we're being screamed at constantly. And it makes everything take five times longer, to do it, get screamed at, undo it, get screamed at, wait for him to stop screaming to do it, watch him get frustrated not being able to do it, more screaming, etc., rinse, repeat. Cute pictures, though. ;)

  2. Lauren writes a lovely description of that phase. :) We haven't had that with Spencer so far. He likes to reach out and help close doors and loves to close the house doors (even when we want them open).

    It looks like you have some great yard space! Can you rig something to hold the gate closed? And... any way to block the gap? Would a pallet leaned there be heavy enough or could they just knock it over? Have they ever snuck out of the yard so far?

    1. It's a really big gap, but it's also at the top of the hill and kind of hidden by the garage. We need to replace that whole section of fence, but that needs to wait until after we get rid of the ivy.