Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tea party!

Folding napkin fans
The last time Moira was putting books on hold at the library, she saw Fancy Nany: Tea Parties which we'd checked out before and decided she wanted to put it on hold so she could throw her baby sitter a surprise tea party. We got the book last week, and happened to stay home from school because she seemed to have a little cold (that then decimated the rest of us), so we spent the morning getting ready.

Needs more tape
First we cut butterfly shapes for placemats. Moira grudgingly let Davis decorate his, and she did hers and the baby sitters.

Folding napkin fans
Moira folded some silver paper napkins into fan shapes.

Tea cups
Then we went to pick out tea cups to put the napkins in. We have a different set that held the fan shape better, but Moira picked these cups because they are prettier.

While we were doing this, Davis was unrolling a bunch of tape, and I started to get cranky, so I asked both kids if we could stop. Moira took the book downstairs while Davis and I did something else, and my Mother helped her pick out a tea party worthy outfit, which I sadly didn't get a picture of. I'm proud that I was able to recognize the point where trying to help her with all the bits she wanted to cover and help Davis with his obsessive tape piling got to be too much for me before I started to yell and pick at things until I took all the joy out of it. Yay for small wins!

I DID got a picture of the tea party in progress, where they had covered the table in my Great Grandmother's doilies, but I apparently forgot that I should stop walking when I take a picture and it's one big blur.

Here are the completed place mats.

Davis' placemat
Davis'. Notice the stack of tape that's at least a half an inch high. I trimmed off the really long tape that was hanging over the edges so it didn't get stuck to the table.

Moira's placemat
Moira started by putting her jewels in the center, and I mentioned that it might make it hard to actually use as a place mat if it wasn't flat in the middle.

Kelly's placemat
Here is the one Moira made for the baby sitter. Notice the fish, which Moira says Kelly loves since she's from Florida.


  1. What a great fancy project! And cheers to you for recognizing your limits and figuring out the best way through.

  2. Oh how fun! My son loves the Fancy Nancy books. And it's awesome that you were able to recognize your limit and handle the situation. :-)

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Favorites!