Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Small Style: Davis edition!

I do it!
It looks like the blog that used to host Small Style when Moira was a toddler is now private, but I couldn't resist featuring this particular outfit he put together last Saturday. He also put it on by himself, because that's how he rolls now. Well, he tried to put it on by himself, but he had to ask for help with the buttons and arm warmers.

Sliding down the stairs
Davis is still adorable and charming, baring the times he just starts screaming in frustration. Everything is taking twice as long because he wants to do everything on his own. And he wants to do it in a specific way. And he has to try again if he fails. And he has to go back up the stairs because he forgot this thing he wanted to bring. And on and on.

I do it!
He also loves to sing, and frequently breaks into song when he gets bored with whatever Moira and I are doing, or if he doesn't like what's playing on the radio. And he talks all the time. Whole sentences, with details. When we are sitting together and he decides to get up, he grabs my face and says "I be super duper right back, okay Mom?" He also likes to say "Silly me!" every time he realizes he was wrong about something.

I missed you!
He still loves Moira, and especially loves pushing her buttons. She went skiing this day, and he spent the whole day asking where she was. When she finally came home he immediately tackled her and the rolled around giggling on the floor for awhile.

A nice seat
He can count to 20, minus -7 on either side, so he either starts at 7 and makes it to 20, or starts at 1 and makes it to 13. He also recognizes multiple letters, but he's still confused by most colors, except orange and pink. Orange is his favorite color, but I'm not sure if that's genuine or pressure from his sister. He also recognizes "burquoise" and lets us know that Mirella likes that color all the time. He sometimes does the same with purple and Pearl.

Let's go!
Shirt: Made by me
Pants: Made by me
Socks: Hand me down Gap
Shoes: Chooze

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