Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Moira's ski class
Another year of skiing is over. It was a horrible year, weather wise for skiing, and Moira discovered one of my least favorite ski conditions, icy rain. Brr. She also got to ski on barely covered rocks for the first week of her lessons. It was supposed to be the second week, but they had to cancel that because of lack of snow.
Apparently, that's the cool helmet design. All the girls Moira's age seemed to have it this year.

First blue run
She's an old pro at the chair lift now, and for her last class she got to go on her first intermediate run. The teachers told each family what the kid's next goal in learning should be. Moira's is, "get new equipment," as her skiis are at her waist now.

Next year might be Davis' first year skiing, but only in the form of playing around on the bunny slope. We shall see what that means for how often I get to ski.

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