Friday, March 14, 2014

Recent art

I was cleaning up in the work room, and I remembered that I should really get some digital copies of some of the kid's recent art. Here are some of each.

Rainbow and sun
Moira still loves drawing rainbows and suns, but she's also added flowers to her repertoire. Being at school and drawing around other kids seems to have helped her pick up some techniques.

I forgot to ask her who this is a picture of, but I like to pretend it's the women of our household. I remember she asked me what my favorite color was, but her light green pen was out of ink, so she used red instead. I am very amused with how she draws dresses. She's been doing it that way for almost a year now.

I showed her how to draw hearts by making an M and then adding a V at the bottom at the beginning of the year, and so there are hearts on everything, everywhere. She's also been experimenting with lots of different ways to fill things in.

Water color butterfly
Davis still loves painting the most. He especially loves making paint squash butterflies and he tries to make them with anything even vaguely wet. Watercolors, glitter glue, pens... It's cute and vaguely frustrating.

Painting from Owen's birthday
I need to get better at making the paints accessible, because he's mostly been painting when the baby sitter is over, as I'm usually feeling too frustrated to get them out when he demands to use them. This picture is an easel painting from a birthday party. He made many of them there.

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