Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing with Roominate

Moira got a Roominate set for Christmas, and we finally opened it up. I'll admit that I was intimidated by the small pieces, but that didn't turn out to be a problem. Our first task was to get the motor going. Moira did the screw drivering, with only minor complaining.

Let's make that!
I liked the way the wires were set up to connect, although the whole thing ends up a little bulky because you have three separate long wirey things all connecting to make one thing work (with the on off button and the battery pack and the motor or light itself). Also, we had a problem because the motor runs too fast. We tried making a little fire like was shown on one of the suggestion sheets and the flames just flew straight off.

We tried making the suggested merry go round and that was heavy enough that it didn't fly off, but we couldn't get a doll to stay in there. Plus I couldn't figure out how to get the motor to stay upright since the wires stick straight out the bottom and are very stiff.

Making a doll house
Moira had the most fun creating furniture. The plastic pieces are very sturdy and lock together easily, so she could mostly do it on her own. She ended up making a bed, table, tv, and a chair.

I really like that there aren't instructions, just these sheets with pictures of things that can be made out of the pieces. Since there was no right way, Moira was able to settle in and look for clues in the pictures and figure out for herself how to make the different things.

She also wanted to make a swing, but the way she assembled her room, we couldn't get it to swing. And since the doll she wanted to play with wasn't to scale, she decided to cut it off right after I took this picture.

Here's her finished room, complete with blanket. She's been asking to play with it again, so I guess it was a hit. I should do some research and see how other people have solved the fast motor problem.

Davis' turn
Davis would really like to have a turn, but he hasn't figured out the motor problem either.


  1. I suspect putting a resistor in the circuit would help slow the motor speed. I'll have to look through the connectors I have to see if I have something compatible.

  2. We looked at one of those at Christmas. We ended up deciding to just stick with our Snap Circuits set. But, it's nice to hear that it worked.