Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moira's fashion show

Moira has been putting some extra work into her ensembles, and strangers have been complimenting her more because of it. She wanted to show her Grammy one of her recent outfits and I suggested we could do a fashion shoot, so now this is her go to suggestion when she's particularly proud of her outfit.

Photo shoot
This is her "fluffy outfit." Pettiskirt and vest were a gift from Huggaluggs The black shirt is the shirt I made for her Columbine costume for last Norwescon, inside out.

Her new shoes! Sadly, she started to get blisters, but I suspect we just need to adjust her orthotics a little.

close up
She asked for a close up so people could see her hair.

Fashion pose
She needed some new clothes for the coming spring, since she keeps growing, so we spent awhile on Etsy picking things out. The first couple of things arrived, and she is so proud of her choices. This dress is from Cordealinge, and the headband was from the "leave a thing, take a thing" spot on the way to Volunteer Park.

Moira's hair-do
For the first time in a long time, she asked me to do her hair. I talked her out of trying a bun, and she agreed that this sounded good. It stayed in through a day of very hard play, although it was a little messy by the end.


  1. Oh my gosh—I love those rainbow shoes! Moira is fabulous, as always.

  2. what a great fashion sense she has! great hair, too!

    thanks for linking up on friday favorites!