Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What we did last week

Sick bed
We started the week sick. There was a lot of sleeping and TV watching and video gaming.

We decided to watch the Olympic Ice Dancing finals, and Davis played trains.

Dress sketching
Moira played with Moon Sand and sketched the outfits she really liked. We actually worked through her initial frustrations that her drawings weren't perfect, and she kept saying "Just a quick sketch!" and then happily running off to play some more.

Snap Circuits
Because Walker had President's Day off from work, he got to do some stuff with the kids. Snap Circuits with Moira, and puzzles with Davis.

Garden art
Moira and I finished our garden art project and she put them all in the same spot.

She made this flower arrangement. The first in a long string for the year.

Balancing act
We went to the library and Davis had a lot of fun walking on the retaining walls while we waited for it to open. Surprisingly, he is not a fan of library storytime, despite loving both the library and stories.

At Cafe Vios
We also took advantage of the break and had a slow lunch at our neighborhood kid cafe, Cafe Vios, and then walked to Hello Robin for cookies. And the kids complained the whole time. When they weren't playing or eating delicious cookies.

Moira has developed this new coloring style where she does little strips of color all over the picture. I like it!

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