Monday, February 17, 2014

What we did for the two last weeks.

Moira and the baby sitter continue to make forts. I'm looking forward to when this activity moves outside in the spring.

Lego house
They also made this amazing Lego house, which we kept up for almost a week with Moira making small changes, until it got knocked down.

Pattern tiles
There was plenty of puzzling, along with playing with the pattern tiles.

Valentine workshop
The kids made some Valentine's cards.

Playing Orchard
Davis taught his friend Audrey how to play Orchard.

Moira's creature
We opened up our new OGOBILD set and made some robots.

Making garden art
We also opened our Arterro garden art kit.

Playing a made up game
The kids made up a new game using these cards. They each had a hand of three cards, and took turns playing one and describing where that meant they were going. They played for a good ten minutes.

Playing pool
We visited my Aunt at her new house and the kids had a lot of fun playing with her pool table.

Assorted pottery
We brought home a bunch of the pottery we've made at school and it joined our collection on the dining table. The story stones Moira made for Readers and Writers Workshop are also shown here, having finally come home at the start of the new semester.

Brand new baby carrier
Moira invented a new way to carry her "babies" using a felt crown.

Glitter glue!
I'm trying to relax and let the glitter glue and paint be in a place Davis can reach on his own. I'm not quite there yet. It's what he wants to do 90% of the time we are at the art table, so I really should let him.

Making a tower
Who knows how tall this tower would have gotten if it hadn't been bedtime?

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