Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day!

I'm taking the Project Based Homsechooling Master Class, and it's helped me rethink a lot about how I'm interacting with the kids. Mostly, the ways that I'm getting in our way of having fun. In that vein, I let Moira make her own Pinterest board, because she is so interested in making everything fancy, I figured this would be a good start thinking about what kinds of clothes she wants to wear (more on that later, hopefully).

Then she saw the Valentine's Day stuff people were pinning. She's been talking about Valentine's Day for awhile, and she was very excited, and now there were ideas of things we should do! She found a lot of stuff she liked, and we talked and agreed on some parameters of what I could handle in terms of decoration and prep.

From your secret admirer...
She had a lot of people she wanted to make Valentines for, but limited time she wanted to devote to making them, so only the most important people ended up getting Valentines. The cutest thing was that she wanted to write long personalized messages on them all and sign them "Your secret admirer."

Who could my secret admirer be?
I thought I had not made the list, but then she told me that I should look under Davis' pillow the night before Valentine's Day, and I found this. She said that her friend Lucy found it on the floor at school, and since it was OBVIOUSLY addressed to me, gave it to Moira to bring home. The identity of my secret admirer is still a mystery.

Peeling cucumbers
She helped me plan out both our contribution to the Valentine's Day party we were going to and what we should make for the fancy dinner we were planning at home, and then she helped me get the snack ready. We made heart shaped fruit salad, and heart shaped veggies. I also made heart shaped bacon for breakfast.

Heart fruit salad
The fruit salad was the most obviously heart shaped. Our friends were suitable impressed.

Monster valentine!
We had a lot of fun at the party. Moira asked every two minutes if it was time to distribute the Valentines. Davis mostly ate and crafted.

Moira's bag
She decorated one side of her bag and wrote her name on the other side, which she regretted when we lined the bags up.

Fancy dinner
After quiet time, she helped me set the table for dinner with her favorite tablecloth, our best plates, and candles. Then she was out of steam, and Davis was at the end of his rope having not napped, so they watched up while I cooked dinner.

Valentine's dinner
For dinner she picked Chicken Parmesan with heart shaped pepperoni on top, heart shaped cucumber salad, asparagus, and spaghetti. My Mom made cheese puffs and a salad, and our roommate made a lemonade cake with pink frosting. Moira offered sprinkle service at the table. We also had sparkly lemonades.

Moira declared it the best Valentine's Day ever.

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