Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Road trip!

Walker got his new car, and needed to break in the engine before he could take it autocrossing, so we decided to be crazy and take our kids on a long road trip. It actually worked out pretty well.

The first stop was Portland, so we could take Walker to Mac! which Moira, Davis, and I went to when we visited Amy last year. Moira made me promise we could take Walker when we went to Portland with him like, five times on our trip, but she'd forgotten which restaurant it was in the mean time. Everyone was surprised! Yay!

Driving the Baby Loaf Van
After lunch, we hopped back in the car and drove to the Tillamook cheese factory. The kids loved this little mini bus, and also the ice cream, but were unimpressed with the cheese sample bar.

A quilt!
Look! They had a quilt!

Ice cream
Davis is a super slow eater, so Moira and I looked at the gift shop while he was finishing and picked out a couple of magic pen books for the next leg of the trip. They worked semi well, but we had the tablets for our emergency back up entertainment. We headed back to Portland for a quick trip to Fabric Depot and then dinner with friends. Then we drove home while Davis tried to sleep but mostly just screamed, and Moira wanted to fall asleep but couldn't.

In the morning, I stayed home to get ready for our next trip while Walker and our roommate took the kids to the Lunar New Year parade. They all got very wet, and there are no pictures because I wasn't there. Then it was time for lunch and a drive to Leavenworth! At least I have one reason to be glad for our very dry winter, the roads were clear and open, so we could actually make it.

Screen time!
We let Moira pick out the hotel we stayed at, and her choice had a little stuffed bear in the room to buy if you wanted or just enjoy while you visited. We picked the visit option. We took a minute to stretch out and relax(and kill some zombies) before heading out to dinner.

Snow ball fight
It took about three seconds of being near the snow before a snowball fight started. Davis was very entranced by all the snow and could not stop talking about it.

German food!
We had dinner at one of the "authentic Bavarian restaurants" in town, Andreas Keller which had the kids menu online, so I could see that there was a GF kids option for Davis. We walked past Kind Ludwigs the next day, and I discovered that only was their kids menu not Gluten Free friendly, it didn't have any German foods on it. We obviously picked well. Davis was so excited about this booth, he insisted it was a train. And Moira liked all the murals and carvings, and the restaurant got her fancy stamp of approval. We even happened to be sitting right across from the live musician.

Carriage ride
The kids were a little overwhelmed at this point, but they perked up when we decided to do the carriage ride. Our driver spent most of the ride talking about how the town was getting less family friendly, and being taken over by wineries and breweries.

Davis made a tent
We went back to the hotel and took advantage of the in room DVD player to watch a movie. Then we tried (and failed) to find a happy sleeping configuration. Davis suggested sleeping on the floor, but we wouldn't let him.

By Walker!
The next day, Walker went off for a solo drive to get the bulk of the miles out of the way while the kids and I explored Leavenworth.

Snow fun
There was a lot more playing in the snow.

Fairy kiss
A shopkeeper gave the kids fairy kisses.

Waiting for lunch
Moira wanted to send postcards, so I bought Davis a sticker book and we filled them out at lunch while he worked on the stickers. I still haven't mailed them though. Ooops!

I want that car wash
We looked all over town while Moira tried to figure out what souvenir she wanted. I saw this car wash in the Christmas village display at one of them, and took this picture so I could tell Walker to try and make the kids hunt it down for me for Christmas.

Super Bowl Sunday
Around about two the kids were getting tired, and since the stores were starting to shut down for the big game, I tried to steer them towards a place they could have dessert. Moira and I had a semi disastrous experience in one of those old timey photo places, where we ended up with a good picture of the two of us in "traditional Bavarian costume," but Moira still hadn't picked a souvenir. After a couple of teary moments discussing which things would fit in the car, she finally got something, and Walker called to say he was headed to pick us up just as we were heading to the gelato place.

Help! A Monster!
We stopped on our way home to have dinner with friends who live in Fall City, and had the family friendly side of the restaurant all to ourselves, since the TVs were only in the bar. So we knew how well the Seahawks were doing, but we were still surprised by the fireworks less than 10 minutes after leaving the restaurant because we thought for sure the game was going to go on for at least another hour. We timed it well and missed both the immediate celebration after the game ended and the traffic of people heading home after the game ended.

All in all, it was a good trip, and I'm looking forward to planning more of these in the future.

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