Thursday, January 16, 2014

What we did this week

I've been working on having a set rhythm for our afternoons, since that's when we all seem to be bored and cranky. And because there's all these things Moira wants to do, like art projects, and I need to make myself leave space for that. Now when nap is over, we read four stories (one Moira picks, one Davis picks, one from our unit themed box, and whatever chapter book we are working on) and snuggle on the couch and then usually Moira has an idea for something to do and we work in the art area for awhile. Then the kids are usually able to think of something to do on their own for awhile so I can do chores and get dinner ready.

Tidied art shelves
Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning up our shelves so that the art stuff is more easily accessed by the kids themselves. I think it's working already because when this was half done, that's they pulled out the play dough and were happy and helping each other for 45 minutes straight. I also assembled the new easel and they have been having fun with chalk and dry erase crayons on that.

"Visited" countries
We've had this map on the wall for a long time, and mostly we ignore it. I suggested that it would be a great way to keep track of the countries we've already done units on. Moira surprised me by being able to locate Hawaii, Mexico, and China on her own.

After reading about a Chinese poet writing on scrolls and finding out how they are read, Moira wanted to write the story she was assigned for homework as a scroll. It's about the movie Frozen, and it's to be read right to left. Hopefully she remembers that when she has to read it in class.

Finished scroll
The finished scroll. We did not manage to tape the chopstick on in a way that it will stay attached.

Place card
My sister helped Moira make place cards for everyone for family dinner night. She seems to always write Davis' name backwards, but no one elses.

Crystal growing
We did the first crystal in Moira's new crystal growing set. I think we should take it out of the liquid before it attaches itself to the container. Hopefully it looks more interesting once it's out than it does right now.

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