Monday, January 27, 2014

What we did last week

Watching Harry Potter
We went to Jennifer's house for a Harry Potter party. Davis was surprisingly committed to trying to watch the whole movie.

Davis continues to be obsessed with puzzles. He got this one for Christmas and has all four of the vehicle puzzles memorized, but only wants to do them with an adult watching.

Fort plans
Moira came up with this detailed diagram for the blanket fort complex she wanted to make with the babysitter. I particularly like the snack corner which is a blanket spread between the bookcases, and it is still set up.

Putting away silverwear
Davis insisted on putting away the silverware when I was unloading the dishwasher. He was incredibly methodical about it, and resented every time I tried to help. I guess it is like a puzzle.

Riding the bus
We took the bus to have dinner with a friend of Walker's from work. His wife is Korean American and so she and Moira bonded. She taught Moira how to say hello in Korean "annyeong!" And Moira wanted to remember it to say to our roommate who loves Korean culture. Of course, we had forgotten by the time we saw her, so I googled it and tried to pronounce the formal version, "annyeonghaseyo" and then we had a good conversation about formality in other languages and the reasons you might use an informal vs formal greeting.

Painting circles
Moira and Walker went skiing on Saturday, so Davis and I went to a birthday party at the Seattle Children's Museum together. He had a blast having my full attention and told me all the things. Apparently he saw many ducks while we were driving and every few minutes said "See a duck! Mommy look out window! See the duck?" I lied and told him yes, it was a nice duck, because when I tried to tell him I missed it, he got very upset.

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