Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What we did last week

Mixing chemicals
We finished Moira's crystal kit. One of them we didn't mix well enough so I'm looking forward to seeing if it makes a difference in the finished crystal.

Decorating the tree
The kids decorated this little tree's pot with stickers, and I have been told by the adults who actually clean things in this house that I am not allowed to let them put it on the dining room table again, because it's covered in sticky sparkles that fall off when the tree falls over, but that you have to peel one by one off the table.

Puzzle time!
Davis did a lot of puzzles. A LOT. He has also got the hang of our dinner time ritual where we each say our favorite thing of the day. He knows how to pass, and once when Moira requested we do the favorite part of yesterday (because we had all eaten separately) he came up with a thing that had actually happened yesterday. He's at that point of communication where he's trying to say everything, so for a couple of days I thought he kept saying pasta was his favorite part of the day, until my roommate pointed out that he was saying "Favorite part of day..."

I came out from putting Davis down for a nap to find Moira experimenting with beads on this gear plate. She's been setting up some new and different little worlds like this lately. It's interesting to watch the changes in her thinking.

Ticket to ride
I pulled our roller coaster out, and the baby sitter helped the kids find a fair way to share it. There are now many little tickets around the house that say "good for one ride." Davis has been talking about playing "Ticket to Ride" ever since.

Last week, Walker finally got his new car. Davis is very annoyed at us for not letting him ride in it yet (his carseat is at Walker's work right now). We are planning a road trip of mostly driving to help break in the car.

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