Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elephants on parade

Elephant pants for Davis
In keeping with both of my goals this year, I made Davis a pair of pants today, and now I'm writing about them. Yaaaay!
This is probably the one of the quickest turn arounds I've ever had with new fabric, since I bought the elephants on Friday, and now it is pants. The lining and pockets are made from a pair of Walker's old PJ pants. I self drafted the pattern from a pair of pants that currently fit.
I thought I had managed to miss all the holes in that fabric, but there were a lot of holes, and so I had to patch a spot right above where the cuff folds up on the right leg. Because I wanted to get them done, I didn't even change thread so there's now a red zig zagged spot there. If it wasn't for that, these would be reversible, but I'm kind of thinking he wouldn't want to reverse them, since the elephants are so fun, and the flannel is so cozy.
They are waiting to be washed and we shall see if Davis likes them.