Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Color blind baby sartorialist

I love the toddler phase where they have opinions about what to wear and they are the craziest possible combinations. I'm actually attempting to let myself dress more like a toddler, because lots of colors make me happy. Davis is hard in this phase and it makes me super happy, and also a little frustrated when we are trying to get out of the house and he has to go back three times for something else to add to his ensemble. Usually while Moira is waiting outside without a coat complaining about getting cold.
Anyway, I wanted to share the joy of his fashion sense with you.

Davis dressed himself.
Coat, free Google hat from the claw machine in the lobby at Walker's work, goggles from our crystal making kit, rainboots.

Fancy outfit
Mama made car shirt, and mama made elephant pants. The orange socks have dinosaurs on them. He wore those pants for three days before they got water from the compost bin spilled on them and I managed to convince him to let me wash them.

Nice outfit
Favorite button up plaid shirt, tutu, rainbow pants, socks that look like Santa's face (those were chosen by his sister). When I asked if I could take a picture of his outfit, he insisted that his belly button be included.

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