Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 week 1 and 2

So, now that I'm all finished posting last year's pictures, I'm behind on this year. So, welcome to the first two weeks of January!

Since I'm doing two simultaneous projects that I'm not combining, I am going to share my favorite selfie picture of the week, and then a couple of photos of family life.

Week 1
New presents!
I took a bunch of pictures of things this week, because I'm trying to document our learning adventures more, but when I put them on the computer I put them in the wrong place, and then lost them some how when I was trying to move them to the right folder. So the only photo I have is this blurry one of Moira and Davis playing with Lauren's kids new toys when they came to babysit.

Feminist selfie 2
We didn't end up making time for each of the kids to have solo dates with Walker and I while he was on vacation, but Moira and I got to have lunch while Walker took Davis to the dentist for his first time. That counts right? We tried one of the new restaurants at UVillage, which I didn't like because they obviously only hired skinny waitresses so they could shove them in super tight dresses. Moira declared that it was "better than Red Robin" which is high praise from her.

Week 2
Tablets make the best friends
We went to brunch with Lauren and some blogging friends we don't see a lot. Mikko brought his tablet so that's what he and Moira did instead of eating. It's nice that they have that bond. Davis played with one of Mikko's new Transformers.

Place card
The kids like to put together this puzzle and then fight over who gets to lay on it. Because of course they do.

Awesome late Christmas present!
There was a weird thing where my MIL saw books on my Amazon wishlist that I had never heard of, and guess what she bought? After we returned them, she sent me this, which is super awesome. Yay!


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  1. I love the idea of each child getting to spend alone time with their parents. We're not at a stage where we can do that yet, but I will endeavour to remember to do this when M is old enough to be left. I love the lying down on the puzzle picture!