Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mamatography week 31

7/19. Building
7/19. Building
The plywood forms they built to make our concrete walls.

7/20. Hot
7/20. Hot
Yummy kale for dinner.

7/21. Fave Food
7/21. Fave Food
Cheese! Who doesn't love cheese? Except people who are wrong. And vegans.

7/22. Grey
7/22. Grey
We finally got some more bookshelves for the library, and when I was putting the books away, I found a giant stack of old magazines, mail and random things like this old newspaper. There was an ad for Fredricks & Nelson, and my Mom got nostalgic.

7/23. I Drew This
7/23. I drew this
My printer didn't work right, so I was trying to figure out a way to copy the paper piecing pattern I needed for my round robin. Drawing them individually by hand was NOT the right answer.

7/24. Drained
7/24. D is for...
So, Davis fell into this pool once, and I discovered that the center was so deep, it was over my waist. Since we have a giant pile of dirt in our yard right now, the contractors agreed to drain it for us, so we don't have to worry about small children drowning anymore.

7/25. The Everyday
7/26. The Everyday
Oh my goodness, it is so cute to watch Moira and Davis become friends. She always wants to hold his hand, he always wants to play her game. I know this phase won't last, but I do hope they always like each other.

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