Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lost in translation

At the rose garden
So this last week, Moira went to Zoo Camp. It was really hard on Davis to have to watch her go to the zoo every day when he didn't get to stay. He started screaming every time we got near my car in protest, which made getting him in the car 4 times a day super fun.
I tried to plan lots of fun things for just us to do together this week, but I think he's just too little to understand why Moira gets to do something he doesn't. He did enjoy having lunch at Google's new cafeteria, going to Country Village, and getting to do new hand rhyme games with me, something we don't do nearly as much as I used to with Moira.
How does this work?
The thing is, I'm not normally that concerned that Davis doesn't get the one on one time with me that Moira did. I figure that's the truth of being a younger sibling. I also think that there's a bug trade off in the benefit he gets from having an exciting third person around to play with. Sure he doesn't get to play "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with me as much, but he and Moira spend hours pretending to be kitties.
Regardless of my logical thoughts on this, it was a little heartbreaking for me when we went to the zoo together. He was SO excited that he got to decide which way to go, and how long to stay somewhere. He got to push all the buttons and lift all the flaps without someone "helping" him, and he loved it.

Moira has been extra tired at the end of the day, which has led to her refusing to let him kiss her goodnight at bedtime. Obviously this makes him very sad, and instead of lying down and nursing he cried and cried "Why? Kiss! Please!" So we stood on the deck off my bedroom and said goodnight to the buses. I remember doing something similar with Moira at this age when she was sad where we would go look at the horses across the street. It's yet another cultural divide between the two of them, country baby, city baby.


  1. Aw!

    Love your thoughts on first- vs. second-born. I do just usually accept that things will be different for the second and that that's ok. But then, like your zoo experience, it can be so revealing to give the second-born that first-born type of time.

  2. I'm sure (like you said) Davis has a rich depth and variety of experiences, and the differences between their two experiences of babyhood are equally good and challenging in their own ways.

    I read somewhere about how children (souls) not only choose their parents (as I believe they do) but that they also choose their birth order. This has given me some solace as we prepare to welcome another child into our family and I know how much of my energy is already devoted to regulating and helping Daniel through his days. I hope that I will get to experience the joys of seeing my kiddos playing with and enjoying each other as they form this new relationship together.

    I really appreciate being able to read about these kinds of bittersweet moments from other parents, so thank you for this post!