Thursday, July 25, 2013


We've had a busy summer so far. I'm aiming to have the rest of it be a little slower. The kids and I have spent most of this week hanging around the house tidying and playing. A welcome rest apparently, as even Moira hasn't been asking why we aren't going anywhere.
Grumpy's birthday present
We got my Dad a trail a bike for his birthday, so he can take Moira on adventures with him. So far she thinks it's awesome.
I've been trying to make sure we visit some new places. Jetty Island (pictured here) was fun. Both kids enjoyed the long stretch of tidal beach, and letting their feet sink into the wet sand. We have also been to a big indoor play area in downtown which was awesome, but I don't think we will go back until Davis is old enough to climb the whole way on his own, because some parts of it were a tight squeeze for me. Next up on the new places list is the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.
This is Comedia del Arte
We have also been enjoying living in the city. Moira did a series of classes at the Arboretum that seem to have helped her not be so nervous about bugs. Volunteer park just redid their play ground, and the kids have been enjoying that. We also figured out that there is a third park within walking distance of our house. Walker has even walked to the top of the hill with the kids a few times, once for Pride, once for ice cream, and we all went together once to go to a friend's birthday. We also really like going to the outdoor plays at Volunteer Park, but so far we've only managed one per year.
Moira's hideout
Surprisingly, given that we have much less yard while we are building a garage, the children have been spending a lot of time outside. Moira has decided that the trees by the pond are their hideout, and they frequently spend hours out there walking on the edges of the bed, reading, and exploring.
Shelling peas
I haven't done much food preservation yet this year, but I did can a bunch of cherries with Sika, and the kids really got into helping me shell peas. To the point where they cried when we ran out of peas to shell.
Tire swing!
Davis is in full on big kid mode. He wants to try anything Moira does, from swinging on tire swings, to the merry go round, to climbing up the big climbing walls at the new park. Whenever he wants to do something he says "Me!!!!" and pats his chest. When he has a toy he says "Mine!" especially if it's something Moira wants. We've had to have a few conversations about how what Davis says doesn't actually change reality. We WILL be there soon, even if he says no. That is your lunch, even if he says it's his. Mostly, they are happily playing together though. He's at the age where she can give him a task, and he will complete it.
Davis is a good daddy
He's also at the age where he can formulate a whole plan of action, and then complete it. I was moving furniture around while Walker and Moira were out yesterday, and he decided it was time to put a bunny puppet in the doll sling, and then put away all the Magnatiles, which were in another room. And then he did it.
Getting ready to quilt this
I have been managing to sew on a slightly more regular basis lately. I'm focusing on finishing up the partially done quilts that have been stacking up for the last couple of years. This one is going to be the new cuddle quilt in the TV room when it's done.
Anyway, that's how things have been around here. How has your summer been going?


  1. Davis will be so disappointed to learn that his words don't dictate reality.

    Our big struggle right now is to get Sam to stop disciplining Owen.

    1. I've been holding a pretty hard line on that, but so far Moira is just trying to keep Davis from danger, so I can't really blame her. She's not always right about what's dangerous, but whatever.