Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Davis loves poodle

Davis loves poodle
Awhile back I decided to encourage Davis to sleep with a comfort object, after one super long and well rested night where he accidentally fell asleep with a stuffed animal.
Sadly, that was one of Moira's special toys (special being defined as something she has that her brother wants), so we had to find a different one. I gave him a choice of stuffies of a similar size to the one he had coopted, and he picked the sea horse, and named it "Neigh Neigh," because it's a horse, you know.
It worked pretty well for awhile, he would find Neigh Neigh and help it lie down, and sometimes let it nurse. It was a reasonable size for him to carry around, and he liked to occasionally suck on it's nose. But then, he started to play with Neigh Neigh more, and sometimes it wasn't in the bedroom, and he wouldn't want to go look for it, and also he didn't want to lie still at night anymore, and my attempts to get him to show the toy how to do it backfired and he stopped wanting to have it in bed with him. We had a few guest stars for naptimes, a truck, my phone, a ball, but nothing repeatable or comfortable.
A couple of days ago, he searched for Moira's lavender poodle, and insisted that she sleep with us. He's refused to lie down until we find her for about four days now, and while it's super-cute (especially the way he says poodle, "poooo-uhl!"), I'm also dreading when Moira realizes what's been going on. We've had a few conversations lately about how they aren't "her" water bottles, so much as water bottles we bought before Davis was born, so they are actually for everyone, but we can't make the same claim about the poodle. That was bought especially for her in an attempt to help her fall and stay asleep easier. She hasn't used it for snuggling purposes in almost 6 months, but I could totally see her wanting to in the fall when it's colder. I'm considering buying a second one so he has one of his own, but then I also don't want to have two identical poodles to be fought over, and he's still a little too unpredictable for me to buy a different lavender animal and expect him to be willing to trade.
I suppose there are worse problems to have.

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